Spiffy Stan

Leading the way in gentlemans grooming

Proper Products for Dashing Gents

A superior range of Gentlemen’s Grooming products which offer you an array of different style possibilities no matter what your style.

Developed by a passionate barber using only the finest ingredients.

Spiffy Stan products are all made in England for the definitive British Gent.

Shaping the future

It is our belief that every great haircut deserves an even better styling product. Explore the Spiffy Stan range created by a professional barber and see for yourself.

All Spiffy Stan styling products are suitable for both contemporary and classic styling.

By choosing the correct styling product we believe you can enhance any hairstyle and truly look your best. 

Paraben and Sulphate Free

All styling products are paraben free and our shampoo is free from Sulphates.

Not Tested on Animals

Spiffy Stan do not test their products on animals.

Manufactured in the UK

All Spiffy Stan products are made in the UK - We Support British Business.